Who is Holland C.H.A.O.S?

We are a group of high school students from Holland High School and Black River Public School who use teamwork as a strength to bring us together. One of our greatest abilities is to survive on pizza and soda alone during our 6 week winter build season. We are composed of potential engineers, athletes and the quiet kids from the back of the classroom who share a passion for creating opportunities for our future, because robotics is more than just robots.

In addition to the diverse students that compose our team, we have an equally eclectic support group of parents and mentors. They are who guide and encourage us to become better leaders, students and friends.

As a team, we would like to invite students, parents, and potential mentors alike to add to our tradition of excellence.

What is a FIRST robotics competition (FRC) team?

An FRC team is a group of high school students, professional mentors and generous sponsors that come together to teach technical skills such as engineering, project management and marketing.  Together, they design and build a robot according to a specific 6 week challenge.  To see the 2017 challenge, CLICK HERE.

What is the outcome of participating with FIRST?

Being on a FIRST robotics team is a very rewarding experience. You receive an amazing hands on experience. FIRST offers over $50,000,000 in scholarships, and opens many doors. For example, one of our students received an interview with a software development company due to his time on with FIRST. Another student received an internship from one of our many amazing sponsors.

The benefits and experiences of being involved with an FRC team range from personal to professional.  These experiences offer challenges, struggles and learning unmatched by other activities offered through school.